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Logo Design

Logo Design

Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral

Packaging & Signage

Packaging & Signage

Image Retouching

Image Retouching


What you need to grow your business and strengthen your brand.


You have a message. Something to say. Delivering that message in the right way helps you cut through the noise of life and get noticed. From logos & brochures to signage & annual reports, there is a way to help you say what you need to say in the best way possible.


The old adage is that if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. It's always a good idea to look outside yourself and your industry for objective opinions and to help you plan your path and avoid potential pitfalls.

Helping Hands

It seems like there is a never-ending "To Do" list and many times, far more than a single "#1 Priority". If you find yourself in a bind; or if you're just tired of that pile in the corner of your office, we can help you get out from under it and accomplish your goals.

Print Production

Good design can be ruined with poor production. Time and money add up fast if you suddenly find yourself needing to fix things after your job has gone to press. Give your vendor files they will love and that are practically bulletproof.

It never hurts to talk. If you're not sure how to make your idea happen, contact us! Even if it's something that's not right up our alley, we're always happy to help put you together with the right people to get your project done.



Communication = Intent + Design

Intent + Design = Communication

Design surrounds us in our everyday lives. It gives us information and direction so we can make decisions, take action or even avoid an accident.
It is design that gives us the ability to quickly assess our environment and, based on that assessment, focus our intentions whether it be a routine activity or a life-changing choice.
Design that communicates clearly and with purpose enables us to function at a higher and more efficient level in our world every day.

Rod Roels Design is...

Rod Roels Design

a creative agency committed to the development of smart visual communication with the goal of enhancing the prominence of your business, brand, service or product. Services include graphic design, advertising, and marketing for any size businesses including automotive, communications, entertainment, sports, health & beauty, manufacturing, healthcare, financial, technology, non-profit organizations and more.

The working relationship we have with area printers, illustrators, photographers, writers, programmers and members of other creative disciplines allows us to take a project from initial concept to finished printed piece or web presence — all while ensuring your vision is carefully guided through the entire design and production process from a single point of contact. Whatever your need may be, we help you communicate and reach your business goals.



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